Sugars mama definition, a mature lady whom purchases luxurious gift suggestions for a person and may/most probably will receive erotic favors, to return the favour

Sugars mama definition, a mature lady whom purchases luxurious gift suggestions for a person and may/most probably will receive erotic favors, to return the favour

A female (usually an adult girl) exactly who keeps the lady man/woman in great reputation with cash, snacks, a high-rise apartment, etc. — not necessarily used in a derogatory form, or simply in return for love-making, but also becasue she can.

Meaning of sugars mama and Definition of sweets mama

Sugars mama

They’re normally semi-professional caucasian lady which happen to be over weight and always have actually wiry hair and operate in management placements. Many of them bring blue eyes and set on so many makeup. The black husband is very keen on these glucose mamas, as they mean them sugar daddies , simply because they make some profit evaluation around the welfare hos the two forgotten. The sugars mamas are equally attracted to the [black man], due to some kind of unfinished business making use of their dads.

Purpose of sweets mama and Definition of sugary foods mama

Sweets mama

an adult female whom gets extravagant gifts for someone and may/most probably will get sex-related favors, in exchange.

Meaning of sweets mama and meaning of sweets mama

Sugars mama

a distinguished species of previous women that need the company of younger guys whilst preventing the entanglements of a connection, and only a lack of restrictions.

The glucose mama features over come society’s proscribed actions for women’s erectile actions. Therefore, welcomes her correct own and life her daily life to their fullest. She understand what she wishes and itsn’t worried to search for they!

There are plenty of species of sugar mama’s, but an insatiable intimate food cravings and too little fascination with relationships and various other typical enchanting businesses are typical to all.

Meaning of sweets mama and meaning of glucose mama

Glucose mama

A girl this is able to find men because of their dads income. Rather o.k. lookin nevertheless because we know people do not desire a ugly, body fat female

Meaning of sugars mama and meaning of glucose mama

Sugar mama

A [sugar mama] try a female whom perhaps not able to bare kiddies whom consequently hires teenagers /people within their mid adolescents as kids. They give allowances and [gifts] just like a [sugar father] but minus the intimate areas

Purpose of sugars mama and meaning of glucose mama

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